Comic Reviews for 04/11/12

Over the weekend, as I read comics and began to formulate what I’d say about each, I came across a quote that mentioned promoting what you love instead of talking about what you hate. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I hate any story, just dislike directions of them, but I’ve decided to embrace this idea. Nevertheless, there are still issues I don’t have anything really to say but still enjoyed the story, so don’t write off the comics listed at the end as me not liking it. With that said, last week was the conclusion of a couple story arcs, Image continues to entertain me with their new series, and my faith in one title was restored in 20 pages.

America’s Got Powers #1 (Image) – This title was exactly what it was advertised as, but I’m not a fan of the “Hunger Games” or similar approach to dealing with these superpowered teens in order to protect the world. Any story that abuses kids like this upsets me (including the title I want to like at DC Comics, Teen Titans), and I think we can tell different stories with the same themes. However, the ending impressed me, and maybe some good will come from it. Time will tell, but Image has been doing a good job lately.

Avengers Assemble #2 (DC) – Zodiac’s targets are revealed and even what they might be planning to do with these weapons, but the issue is more of the team assembling for the next round when Zodiac appears in force at the end. I love the team of Bendis and Bagley, and I can’t wait for more.

Avenging Spider-man #6 (Marvel) – The start of the Omega Effect. I decided to check out this cross over event because it ties into the Punisher, which I’m reading, and is written by Mark Waid and Greg Rucka, two of the great writers from 52. I haven’t read any of Daredevil, which appears to be where this story comes out of, but the team did a good job letting me know all I needed to enjoy the story.

Batgirl #8 (DC) – At first, Batgirl confused me in this issue after her discovery last issue, but the ending wrapped that up nicely. I might not be the biggest fan of it, but the apology helps Batgirl get further over that haunting night when the Joker knocked on her door.

Deadpool #53 (Marvel) – Okay, nice play from what happened at the end of the last issue, and if that’s what Deadpool wants, good for him. But I like what the story did with Bob, so it will be fun to see how it ends next issue.

Deathstroke #8 (DC) – A nice conclusion to this opening story for this title. It’s too bad Kyle Higgins is off this title now, and since the next one doesn’t look to be building off anything established here, I’m off this title for the time being. Hopefully Higgins will return for future stories some day.

Fantastic Four #605 (Marvel) – This was a nice Reed Richards and Ben Grimm story, but was filler at the end of the day.

Green Lantern #8 (DC) – Lots of awesome moments in this issue, and the final splash has me excited for the next issue. Nice job coming back, Green Lantern team!

Journey into Mystery #636 (Marvel) – Conclusion to the Terrorism Myth storyline. I like the tricks Loki plays, and I enjoy how the stories are told in this series. However, like some new series I get into, I don’t remember all the small details month to month, so I’ll dig out this entire storyline and reread it before next month’s Exile cross over.

Mega Man #12 (Archie) – The conclusion to the Return of Dr. Wily. Although the story may be repeating itself a bit in this title, the fights and action are intense and never disappointing. Dr. Wily’s escape plan is hilarious at the end of this issue, and we’re introduced once more to one of Mega Man’s oldest allies, Rush.

New Avengers #24 (Marvel) – Although not much of an Avengers vs X-men tie-in, this was a touching issue concerning the future of Luke Cage and his family. Much like the tie-ins of previous events, I expect all the action to take place in the event’s pages, and these tie-ins will detail more of the emotional, behind-the-scenes events within the characters.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic War #4 (Dark Horse) – I wrote a detailed review for this issue for, and you can find it here.

Ultimate Comics X-Men #10 (Marvel) – A grim ending, and heroes, as we know them, are supposed to be the guys who take the high road, but at the same time, maybe this is the more realistic approach. Not my favorite issue, but at least Storm has proven herself in my eyes from last issue.

Winter Soldier #4 (Marvel) – A nice blend of action, especially with the Dooms, and we still have the story advance to a much larger threat next issue. This team continues to entertain thoroughly each month, so check it out if you haven’t yet.

Other titles I picked up include Batman and Robin #8, G.I. Joe Cobra #12, Legion Lost #8, Secret Avengers #25, Super Dinosaur #9, and Superboy #8.

More coming next week!


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