Comic Reviews for 7/4/12

More exciting stories came out last week, and I must say Earth 2 is quickly becoming one of my favorite comics. Also out last week, more great Bat adventures, the Punisher fails at disguises, and Danger Club continues to amaze.

Batwing #11 (DC) – Long was quickly dealt with, and the story’s connection with the Penguin is discovered in a very timely manner. I guess this story was only to connect Batwing to Night of Owls, and now we’re heading back to Africa, where Batwing plans to take down a very isolated, dictator-controlled country. Should be fun πŸ™‚

Danger Club #3 (Image) – I guess I should have known something like this was the secret behind the lost heroes, but this issue was written and presented so well, I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed it as much if I did know the general secret. The suspense reminded me a lot of the first comic I ever picked up (Batman #652), and I wish more comics were written this well. If you haven’t checked this out, do so! I put this as the second best comic on the market right now.

Deadpool #57 (Marvel) – I enjoyed how Deadpool adapted his plan to come out on top in this one. Looks like his secret isn’t such a secret, and I suspect more characters will be picking up on it when they look more closely at him.

Detective Comics #11 (DC) – Well, this mystery got weirder again. Very cool how the science is playing out along with something that made headlines back on the 4th with the Higgs Boson. And once again, Batman finds himself in a very unfortunate situation. Daniels knows how to leave a story on a cliffhanger!

Earth 2 #3 (DC) – Wow; what an issue! We witness the birth of Alan Scott’s Green Lantern and how he’s the champion of the Earth, wielding its power in his ring. And then, while hurrying through the pages to see what the Flash is up to, we witness the birth of a β€œnew” enemy: Solomon Grundy. This story looks very much like the story being told in the Animal Man and Swamp Thing titles, and I love the parallels. (Of course, if this is a parallel earth, what else would I expect? πŸ™‚ )

Invincible #93 (Image) – An alien invasion break out on Earth, and there were some nice two page spreads to illustrate it. However, I guess it’s been too long since I’ve read the earlier issues, because I didn’t recognize the big guy who showed up at the end, and they didn’t mention who it was. I have a general idea, but that’s it until next issue.

Justice League International #11 (DC) – I don’t think public executions are ever a good thing, and when you plan to do it with a group of superheroes, you’re really asking for trouble. This issue concludes a story that relates a lot with current political topics, and I hope they continue to draw on the real world to tell their stories.

Morning Glories #20 (Image) – Hmm, if this origin story for one of the good characters is true, then I guess she isn’t one of the good characters. Like the 19 issues before it, Morning Glories remains an interesting mystery.

The Punisher #13 (Marvel) – I guess the Punisher isn’t the best at disguises, but if it’s all part of the plan, then I guess it doesn’t matter. Now I’m left to wonder about why he and Alves took that arm of Dr. Octopus….

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #12 (Marvel) – The showdown between Spider-man and the Prowler! We knew it was coming since about issue 1, but I’m afraid I was expecting something more. Most of the issue was about getting Miles to accept what he had to do, and then the fight was quick and over. Oh well; his secret will remain a secret…until that snoopy girl discovers it πŸ˜‰

Worlds’ Finest #3 (DC) – A descent issue that continues to explore the Huntress and Power Girl learning the ways of this Earth, which is interspersed within a race to stop a radiation-sucking villain. This one wasn’t as exciting, but not every issue can be, I guess.

More coming next week!


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