Comic Reviews for 7/11/12 & 7/18/12

It’s been a few weeks since I did this, but now I’ve got some reviews written, and instead of doing the two late weeks separately, I’ve done them together. After all, lots of good stuff came out, and I read through the two weeks very quickly once they arrived. During that time, my two favorite series had new issues, many stories concluded, and Tribbles arrived on the scene in the new Star Trek universe!

Avengers Academy #33 (Marvel) – While so many comics believe they can only be good by ending depressingly and unhappily, this series begs to differ. Yes, the conclusion with the sentinel was a bit cliché, but I welcomed it. And even if that story ended happily, it looks like the end of Avengers Academy is upon us. At least we get two issues next month to see how it all plays out.

Avengers Assemble #5 (Marvel) – Welcome back the Guardians of the Galaxy! Bendis did a great job capturing the characters, particularly Rocket Raccoon who’s a personal favorite. Lots of great dialogue (and a weird scene illustrated on the cover), and next, the final frontier!

Captain America #14 (Marvel) – The conclusion of the Scourge story line, and it doesn’t end well for Cap. Now that we know Brubaker will be leaving the title after writing it for several years, this is all building to the final showdown with the new Hydra, and I hope it ends with a bang.

Cobra #15 (IDW) – The Joe’s make their move against the son of the previous Cobra Commander, but it looks like Cobra is closing in on them, too. I’m still not sure where this is heading, but it continues to look promising.

DC Universe Presents #11 (DC) – James Robinson and Bernard Chang’s Vandel Savage comes to it’s end, and I can’t help but say I love James’s style. He tells a story by interweaving two or more stories in two or more time periods, and he does it so well, I’m always blown away. I hope he returns to tell more stories like this, but I suspect he’ll be getting more busy with Earth 2 and the exciting things he’s doing over there.

Fantastic Four #608 (Marvel) – What secrets lie in the Black Panther city of the dead? Why, a new Black Panther, of course! …or at least the rebirth of the last one. Much like James Robinson’s Savage issue this week, Hickman is great at blending multiple stories, and the eerie conclusion we get here may be laying the groundwork for the characters placement in the new Marvel universe after the events of Avengers vs X-Men play out.

Fantastic Four Annual #33 (Marvel) – An excellent standalone story following the adventures of the Human Torch and the Thing, with a special appearance by Dr. Strange. The story is really out-there and weird, but I enjoyed it. I’m afraid I won’t be checking out the writer’s other three annuals, but I will try to down the road.

G.I. Joe #15 (IDW) – All right, I’ll admit that the cliffhanger from last issue wasn’t exactly what I predicted, but I was close. And just when hope returns to our heroes, things get much worse, so I’ll be waiting with suspense for the conclusion to this story.

Journey Into Mystery #641 (Marvel) – The conclusion to the Manchester gods story. Once more, Loki demonstrates how cunning he is, although the all mothers aren’t happen with the outcome. And when we see the tease for the final story arc from this creative team and the team over on The Mighty Thor, maybe the all mothers are right, and it all ties right back into the beginning of the young Loki storyline about a year ago. Exciting! 🙂

Star Trek #11 (IDW) – The Truth about Tribbles part 1! I got some good laughs out of this one, and I wonder what the truth about these furry creatures, who are the most hated enemy of the Klingons, will be.

Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #3 (Dark Horse) – The one thing about this story that really catches my eye is the brilliant illustrations of Force powers. Though we haven’t seen Vader completely unleash his power, we’ve come close in this issue, and with the trouble continuing to brew on Imperial Center, I suspect we’ll see more of this great art work coming up.

Star Wars: Knight Errant—Escape #2 (Dark Horse) – I wrote a review for this issue for They haven’t posted it yet, but keep your eyes out for it very soon (I hope).

Ultimate Comics X-Men (Marvel) – Much like Ultimate Spider-man, I checked out past issues and trades, and really liked the stories being told. So when a new series came out, I was ready. It did start off fairly dark but ended in an interesting way, but this new writer’s story doesn’t look like it will end well. This issue was dark, particularly the check point scene, and I don’t know if I’ll be staying on or not. And what will become of the only none mutant on the team after the opening sequence? I guess I’ll see what happens next issue and go from there.

Uncanny X-Force #27 (Marvel) – This will be a hard series to drop if I’m forced to. I’ve continued to pick it up, particularly so I don’t pay for shipping when my comics get mailed, but with a story written this well, I don’t think I’ll be able to let it go. The mastermind behind all this trouble appears, and is setting our murderous rogues up for a very dangerous endgame.

More coming soon from last week, so stay tuned!


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